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The ultimate list of social media post ideas

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

If you want to get more engagement and build a bigger audience on social media, you have to be consistent with your posting. 

Most small businesses rely on having the time to write posts and post them. That means that if you’ve got a quiet week, your social media content will be great. If you’re really busy, you’ll be nowhere to be seen. Your number one aim on social media is to build a relationship with your followers. Would you trust someone who only shows up half of the time? What about someone who sends you lots of texts one week and ignores you the next? Not great ways to build a relationship, right? 

My favourite tools to stay consistent are an editorial calendar, a scheduling software (I use Hootsuite) and a very long list of content ideas. 

Here’s a list of 40 post ideas to keep you going. You’ll never wonder what to post again.

Curated content 



Quotes (inspiring, motivational…)

Testimonial from a happy customer 

Industry news 

Information about your local area (best for local businesses) 

Tips and advice 

Behind the scenes posts

Personal post about yourself

How to videos


Share a blog that you’ve written 

Promotional post 


Ask followers to help you make a decision 

Challenge your followers to take action


Follower of the week

Throwback posts

Celebrate holidays 

Promote your newsletter

Answer a frequently asked question 

Comment on a current event

Case studies

Videos (yours or external)

Post about a national day (check

Ask your followers to write a caption for a funny picture

Share a playlist

Share a Fill-In-The-Blank Post

Customer photos (with their permission) 

Fun fact about your employees

Tell people what you sell

Ask for recommendations(movies, books, TV series…) 

Share an offer/discount

Re-share older successful content

Share a personal win

Share a loss or a failure

Ask one of your employees to take over for one day 

Fan of the week

If you want your social media to really work for your business and to help you create relationships to bring in profit, remember that consistency is key. Plan and schedule your content in advance, and you’re halfway there! 


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