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Time to upskill your marketing staff

Enrolment is now closed

  • You feel like your marketing staff could do with more support

  • You’re not always seeing the results you want from their marketing

  • You lack the time and marketing knowledge to guide them

  • You know they can do great things and you want to invest in them


A cohort of 10 marketing staff all working for social enterprises,

coming together to supercharge your marketing, learn and support each other


Better marketing that has a positive impact on your business

More headspace and time to focus on other areas of your business

A happier team member 

Better staff retention 


Learning new marketing skills 

Feeling supported

Feeling more motivated 

Feeling valued 

Having a sounding board

"Saved me lots of time"

Sophie was able to give Marian the benefit of her professional marketing knowedge and exeperience, giving her far better support and directions than I could (she saved me lots of time too)! 

She helped empower Marian and give her the confidence to set the marketing agenda and make a greater contribution to marketing, business policy & development.

Julian Parrott, Partner, Ethical Futures

A headshot of a man with glasses and a white shirt, on a background of red flowers
  • 3 months of support 

  • Two 1h practical training sessions per month - Full cohort (online)

  • Two 1h coaching calls per month - 5 people per call (online)

  • Unlimited support via a private LinkedIn group 

  • Detailed feedback on content your marketing staff creates

  • Peer support from other marketing staff in the cohort

  • Accountability and mindset support to keep motivated and productive 

  • A marketing expert with 7 years of experience supporting them every step of the way


3 Month



One off payment


1. Marketing strategy & implementation

2. Content creation

3. Social media

4. ​Email marketing

5. Understanding metric & reporting

6. Topic to be decided by the cohort

"We are in a much better place"

As everyone knows, running a business means you have to spin various plates at the one time - so having Sophie provide 1:1 support to Shai, and work with us both to develop a clear Marketing Strategy has been so valuable. We are in a much better place now with our communications and marketing which is all thanks to Sophie.

Callum MacKinnon, Founder, bOunceT

A headshot of a young man wearing a black tee-shirt, with a background of trees

Hi there! I’m Sophie. I use my 7 years of marketing experience to coach marketing staff to do their best work. I guide them to create marketing that will help you achieve your business goals, be it boost your visibility, income, impact or more.


I will help them grow to their full potential so they feel supported, happy and motivated.  

I help unlock their creativity and teach them all the marketing tricks I've learned along the way so they create marketing that gets results. 

Like you, I believe in the power of business for good. That's why I give 1% of my profits to charities that tackle the causes and consequences of homelessness. 

A picture of Sophie. She's looking at the camera and smiling. She's sitting on a hanging chair and holding a grey mug.

"Invaluable in developing our marketing"

I have found the skills and knowledge I gained from working with Sophie invaluable in developing our marketing. Thanks to Sophie our messaging is clearer and more focused.

A headshot of a young women wearing a blakc and white strippy top.

Kate Buckle, Head of Creative, Intrepid English

  • What day of the week will the training and coaching calls take place?
    The training calls will be on Tuesdays at 10AM (UK time). The coaching calls will be on Tuesdays at 10AM and 11.15AM depending on which group you are in. The group is split into two for coaching calls so everyone has time to ask their questions. If you’d really like to attend and you can’t make this time, please drop me an email at so we can consider other times.
  • Do I have to attend all of the training and coaching calls live?
    You’ll get most from attending the training and coaching calls live but if you can’t make it, you can always watch them on replay at any time.
  • How much support will I get outside of the live training and coaching calls?
    You can ask any questions in our private LinkedIn group. I will answer and give you some expert input. Other people in the group will also input and share their experience. At the end of each training, I will give you a task to complete for the next week. I will ask you to post your task in our private LinkedIn group so I can review it and share feedback. This is optional but taking part means you are making tangible progress.
  • How is this different from other marketing training?
    This programme is designed especially for marketing staff. This means the training will help you improve the marketing skills you already have, not start from scratch. It’s also tailored to social enterprises. You’ll be with 9 other social enterprise marketing staff so you can support each other, share your ideas and struggles, get feedback and learn from each other. You’ll get lots of support directly from me during the coaching calls and in our private LinkedIn group.
  • What actually happens during the coaching calls?
    Coaching calls are online Zoom calls with me and five participants where you can ask any questions you have about marketing. This could range from something you're struggling with, a new idea you want to run past me and the group, advice on a specific topic... There's no silly question. Coaching calls are one hour and take place every two weeks. Each call will only have five participants on it so there’s time for everyone to ask their questions. I will answer your question and other participants will also be able to share their input.

"I was able to create a solid marketing plan"

Before working with Sophie, I wasn't sure where to start which made things more overwhelming. I was very reactive to everything that was going on around me. I felt like this wasted time I could've put into other things and I found it frustrating. I wanted to be more strategic with my approach but I didn't know where to start!

​Working with Sophie, I was able to create a solid marketing plan. Both with launching a product and a general social media strategy. It was great! Sophie always got back to me with feedback on any work I'd done, and advice for anything I was unsure with. She was very receptive to how I was feeling and also provided me with great resources.

Shai, Marketing Officer, bOunceT

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